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In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

18. July 2013

Recently, I’ve been digging into the idea of my photography page, “Faith Through Fotos” and where I want to take it. I named it kind of on a whim, and of course junior year of high school, it’s practically in every rule book that at that age, any online account you make has to yell out every shade of lame. After an adventure of ad sales for yearbook and accidental matching outfits, Alyssa and I suddenly got the urge to do something with photography, but we weren’t sure where to start, let alone how. We started trying to come up with names to call our own separate pages to see if it led anywhere, and for me, the title “Faith Through Fotos” just sort of stuck.

I’ve thought time and time again that I should change it to something simple, with only my name or something less “junior year-esque”, but I always come right back to where I started. Faith Through Fotos. I may be the only one that can hear it, but it’s one of those things that just sounds right.

I think “Faith Through Fotos” not only describes my journey through photography and on a larger scale, life, but it describes my purpose. For the longest time, I had not a clue in the world what to turn into a career, and having faith that God would lead me was all I had. That is what got me here. I had faith through my own photos that God could use my talents and passions He’s given me in such a different place (aka Pittsburgh).

Of course I don’t know exactly what career I’ll end up with, but I want to eventually do something along the lines of missions. Even if it’s just a week. I want to show kids and families, or even if it’s one single person, that they are worth so much, so much more than they know, and show them that they have talents of their own that they can use to share the glory of God. The way that they get there is faith, and maybe they too can share this with others through their own photos.

If anything, “Faith Through Fotos” is a constant reminder of what God has brought me through and where He can lead anyone. But only if we live by faith.

Live by Faith. Share through Fotos.